A Minute With Brendan

ES6 Lives!
Fri Aug 05 2011 |

Brendan goes through the recent happenings at the ECMA TC-39 committee meeting held at Microsoft offices in Redmond, WA. For many, this might be the first peek into what is finalizing as ES6, so be sure to listen through. Luckily with the recent changes, ES6 might take forever to standardize, but if you look elektromotory.sk prototypes are ready right now for some items! Listen in.

Also, be sure to check out PyCodeConf and DojoConf and help spread the word! It is what allows us to keep minute-ing along.

  • Past proposal point for ES6
  • Allen Wirfs-Brock
  • Destructuring Assignment
  • let and const
  • Open issues with Classes
  • Proxies
  • Google V8 have an implementation of prototypal proxies (and in spidermonkey)
  • ES6 is targeting end of 2013
  • Meeting notes
  • Microsoft (internal) Survey about compelling items from ES.Next (ES6 and ES5)
  • Some items had "Meh reactions" :)
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Demonstrated at NodeConf
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