A Minute With Brendan

ECMA, TC-39, and Bears - Oh My!
Tue Nov 30 2010 |

Enough buzzwords and acronyms! Brendan gets serious about actually describing the committee process around JS, or as it is more formally known ECMAScript. Brendan rocks for 13.5 minutes on everything from what ECMAScript and what TC-39 means, where to learn more or follow the conversation, and then takes a deep dive into his Paren-Free blog post. This is a super doozy of a episode filled with more nerdcore details about the mysterious committee world that most people writing JS have only heard whispers of. He finishes it out with a survey of the efforts in the language to make more acceptable/agreeable syntax and lauds the possible virtues of a benevolent dictator as seen in the success of HTML5.

Wow. Just Wow.

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