A Minute With Brendan

Post JSConf JS.next Overview
Fri May 20 2011 |

Fresh off of JSConf and discussing (ES|JS).next before the audience, Brendan drops a bit of insight into what it takes to update a language like JavaScript. Sorry for the delay since last episode, we generally will go into "off-season" around JSConf.

  • Brendan's JSConf Presentation
  • TC-39 Committee Upcoming
  • "Rolling like the W3C and WHATWG with prototyping as they go."
  • Idea with harmony (next major addition) is to opt in with specification of script type, lack of specific type will yield "same old JavaScript"
  • adds a double layered versioning protection.
  • Modules
  • Lexical Scoping
  • Global object will not be on the scope chain
  • Upsides: security enhancements, VM implementation improvements, early error wins
  • Translation, compilation, and transpilers
  • Firefox 6 is in nightly channel
  • Awesome, opt-in, compiles down.
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