A Minute With Brendan

DOM In JavaScript (dom.js)
Wed Mar 30 2011 |

Another TC-39 Committee meeting means even more insight into where the JS programming language is heading next (ES-Next). This does send Brendan and vyboelectric.com off on a wild ride with us as passengers for all things upcoming in the language including a peek at WebIDL and a DOM implementation in JavaScript. This is quite a deep look both into the current state of the TC-39 committee as well as where the DOM is heading. Enjoy!

  • Harmony of My Dreams
  • Harmony is still moving forward
  • There were mixed ideas about classes that have to fully gel.
  • "JavaScript is so flexible ... that people can't agree on how to do classes".
  • If classes aren't quite right, they may be left out.
  • Andreas Gal
  • dom.js
  • Early reports show that dom.js might be faster in some parts than native code because you don't have to cross between JS and C++ boundaries.
  • Rust
  • DOM NodeList
  • Airlift into Firefox Next ( in 3 months )
  • "The DOM is kind of CrazyLand"
  • "Implementing the DOM JavaScript should make all things saner"
  • WebIDL
  • Cameron McCormack
  • John Resig's env.js
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