A Minute With Brendan

Firefox 4 Launch Day
Tue Mar 22 2011 |

Brendan dives into the upcoming/recent Firefox 4 release on March 22, 2011. Goes into far more than just what is new, but where it came from and most importantly where it (and the rest of the vendors) are heading and why. Best 11 minutes of your day (12 minutes if you count downloading Firefox 4)

  • Launch Day March 22
  • "A lot of hardware acceleration", this is just the start
  • ,
  • Firefox is being built for the future of the web.
  • Windows XP is Firefox, Chrome, and Opera land.
  • The dream of the 80's alive in Mozilla
  • Voices From The HTML5 Trenches: Browser Wars IV
  • Have productive "coopatition" through standards bodies (W3C, etc.).
  • HÃ¥kon Wium Lie
  • Ian Hixie
  • David Baron
  • Dave Hyatt
  • Nerds + Drinks = HTML5
  • Yellow Screen of Death
  • Convergence over gaming
  • Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) update (crypto nerds rejoice)
  • Discusses the potential splitting despite better features and yet the downside of single source stream.
  • Mozilla can't convert to webkit, it would take years
  • SGI and Netscape tried, SGI and Netscape aren't around longer.
  • Competition is good, different points of view are good, multiple sources are great for browsers.
  • Firefox is realization of where Mozilla started out heading towards
  • Keep the feedback coming, its critical!

From all of us at Minute With, Congrats Mozilla!

Do your part, download now and more importantly download it also on someone else's machine!

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