A Minute With Brendan

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Thu Mar 03 2011 |

Any JS developer will tell you that the hardest conversation to have with any other developer is describing the use and meaning of the "this" keyword. Brendan describes where "this" comes from, a hold-over from its C++ and Java lineage to allow functions to also be methods and thus had to have a receiving object and some way to access the receiving object within the function (i.e. "this"). Brendan goes into current uses up to modern ECMAScript specifications, but more importantly the altered use cases in the strict mode of ECMAScript 5 edition. Brendan also presents the future sharp function implementation which will better handle all cases (hopefully).

  • Don't file bugs against "use strict" unless you really know what you are doing and really test it. Example 1 | Example 2
  • Update on how #() {} from Harmony Of My Dreams will split out the cases
  • Hoping to end the !
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