A Minute With Brendan

The Harmony Of My Dreams
Mon Jan 31 2011 |

Realistically, coming up with show notes for this episode is about as tough as keeping Brendan to under 10 minutes. Give it a listen and trace along with the mentioned Harmony Of My Dreams blog post. The notes are more just hot points this week, enjoy the awesome episode!

  • A new version of the language and it will choke old browsers.
  • Targeting a polyfill approach for allowing new versions of JavaScript, instead of attribute specification in tags.
  • IE6 sucks at so much else ... people should just drop IE6 frankly.
  • typeof null will finally === null and other similar issues will be flagged as early errors (WOO HOO!)
  • Five finger of fate (incompatible syntax of early error):
    1. Thumb: Removing global object from scope chain.
    2. Index: Typeof Change: fixing various bugs that make JS wonky.
    3. Middle: for-in paren-free and pythonic
    4. Ring: Top Secret
    5. Pinky: Even More Secret
  • HTML guys have it easy with their SGML tag deprecation - JavaScript's C-like language syntax makes this near impossible.
  • So awesome, I think developers will want to do it.
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